Global Education Fair in Europe 2018 (GEFE 2018)

Global Education Fair in Europe 2018 (GEFE 2018)

GEFE 2018 Kicks off in Frankfurt in October 1st!

Co-hosted by Global Vision Community School (GVCS) from Korea and Dalian Golden Pebble Beach Experimental School of China

An international educational festival with 1,700 students from all over the world.

GEFE 2018

Global Education Ministry and Global Vision Christian Schools(Eumseong, Mungyeong, Pennsylvania USA) alongside Dalian Golden Pebble Beach Experimental School from China will host the Global Education Fair (GEFE) in Frankfurt, Germany from October 1-4.

GEFE 2018 is an international educational festival and will be a great opportunity for students from many countries to experience foreign culture and to share friendship through education and sports. About 1,700 people are expected to attend this event. This includes 1000 students and faculty members from GVCS schools, 700 students from Dalian Golden Pebble Beach Experimental School, as well as students and faculty from 20 other partner schools in Asia, the USA and Europe.

European universities will be invited to join the college fair during the GEFE to provide information about their programs and campuses. The organizers said “We are planning to attract more universities to participate in college fair by offering free booths and give them a great opportunity to introduce their universities to Asian students.”

GEFE2018 schedule

The GEFE 2018 will be held at STATTDTHALLE OFFENBACH(Waldstraße 312, 63071 Offenbach am Main) near Frankfurt from October 1 to October 4, 2018 with various events.

[October 1, Monday : Opening ceremony, Orchestra, The Muscial for Korean worker in Germany]

On the first day of fair, there will be an opening ceremony with Korean and German scholars, academic and political figures. This will be followed by a performance by the Frankfurt Symphony Orchestra. Afterward, a musical that portrays the lives and sorrows of Korean coal miners and nurses will express gratitude to the Korean coal miners and Korean nurses in Germany.

[October 2, Tuesday : Global Academic Olympiad, Global Youth Forum, College Fair, Asian Night]

On the second day, the Global Academic Olympiad (GAO) will take place. Nie, Zhaoxia, the principal of the Dalian Golden Pebble Beach Experimental School of China, will offer a special lecture about China’s Yu-Shang education. In the afternoon there will be an U-15 international soccer match whilst other events at the Global Youth Forum(GYF), and the College Fair will continue. In the evening, Asian cultural performance will be held by students from Indonesia, the Philippines and Hong Kong. Traditional Chinese performances such as Gyeonggeuk and Wushu will be used to decorate the Asian night.

[October 3, Wednesday : German Unity day commemorative events, Skit Drama about GVCS Education, Korean Night]

On the third day, the GYF finals and German Unity day commemorative events will take place and GVCS will present their successful education over the past 15 years in an eight theme drama skit. A special lecture by Jean-seok Nam, the founder and president of the GVCS Group, will introduce a model of Korean education that has been settled through various educational experiments. Korean cultural performance will continue with Taekwondo, Cup-ta, Samulnori, fan dance, Nanta, and CCM K-POP dance.

[October 4, Thursday : Friendly Football Matches, Taekwondo mass demonstration]

On the last day of the fair, three football matches will be played between the GVCS football teams and the youth teams of Bundesliga. A large-scale taekwondo demonstration by 800 GVCS students and closing ceremony will signal the closing of the event.

The GVCS Group

The GVCS group is an international school group that has two campuses in Eumseon and Mungyeong, Korean and one campus in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, USA. All schools in the GVCS group are boarding schools which adopted a US curriculum and teach all subjects in English. Since its opening in 2003, over the past 15 years, over 1,000 graduates have entered prestigious universities in North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania, and have been selected three time as he Korean national team for the international math competition in 2017.